Pink Floyd. The Dark Side of the Moon.

1a. Speak to me (Mason)
1b. Breathe (Waters, Gilmour, Wright)
2. On the Run ( Gilmour, Waters)
3. Time (Mason, Waters, Wright, Gilmour)
4. The Great Gig In The Sky (Wright)
5. Money (Waters)
6. Us And Them (Waters, Wright)
7. Any Colour You Like (Gilmour, Mason, Wright)
8. Brain Damage (Waters)
9. Eclipse (Waters).

David Gilmour: Chants, Guitares, VCS3
Nick Mason: Percussions, Effets sonores
Richard Wright: Claviers, Chants, VCS3
Roger Waters: Guitares basse, Chans, Effets sonores, VCS3
Alan Parson: Ingénieur du son.

Enregistré entre juin 72 et janvier 73. EMI, HARVEST CDP 7 46001 2