Weight distribution of a binary linear code

You'll find here a way to compute the weight distribution of any binary linear code of dimension ≤ 32 and length ≤ 1024. Note that this is an exhaustive search, hence the time complexity is exponential O(2k) on the true dimension k of your code. Nevertheless we compute the weight of 64 bits words using 4 access from a 16 bits precalculated table and codewords are generated through a gray code over the Hamming space GF(2,k).

Give a generator matrix of your code from a text file which looks exactly like a generator matrix. For a binary code of length n and dimension k, your file must contain k rows of n bits, i.e. 0 or 1. For example, the generator matrix of the simplex code of dimension 4 is represented by:


The program will give you the true dimension of your code, i.e. rank(G), where G is the generator matrix of your code. The results of the computation will appear below if you do not fill the e-mail address field, otherwise you'll get them via e-mail.

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